3304 HWY 188 E

 September 13, 2017

Dear Little Fir Residents,
       The summer season is winding down at the Fir.  The park looks very nice.  We have
been busy mowing, weed eating, cleaning and still working on the ditches.  Some of you may
have received a bill for yard work.  If you are unable to maintain your area, we will do it for you
but you will be billed for it. This includes the winter time as well.  We are working on a couple
of new projects.  One is a new cabin so your family and friends will have a comfortable place
to stay and so will you.  We will also be building more dry storage buildings and making an
area for camper storage.  Give us a call if you are needing a storage unit so we can get you
on the list.  It hasn't been all work, we also have been having some cookouts of course and
with fall approaching I'm sure there will be several more!  
       We have a few new folks in our park.  Please make them feel welcome and help them
out if they need something.  (We have such a great group of folks in our park, I didn't really
need to even say that!)  Janice and Macy Sherman purchased the Stallmann home and
Steven Feasal has taken over his father's home.  Barb and Cliff have relocated to the old
Buck trailer and Bob and Nancy Landers purchased the Williams previous home.  We want
to remind ya'll that if you have your mobile home for sale or thinking of selling,  your potential
buyer must meet with us before the sale.  The buyer needs to have a copy of the lease and
rules and regulations so there will not be any confusion in what they are purchasing.  
       Lot rent has been the same since it 2019 the lot rent will be $190
a month.  Not next year but the next.  We wanted to give you plenty of notice.  That is
something else you need to disclose to your potential buyers.  Next renewal on boat slips will
be $650, $950 and $1050 annually.  
       Kenneth Hunter and his car club buddies will be here September 23 for lunch.  You
should come out and join us.  We will be doing the highway clean up in October.  Watch
facebook for date and also Trick or Treat/Hayride in October.  Making a shirt order soon.  
Short sleeved gray with hog on back with little fir logo on front.  Depending on size and how
many we order, price should be $15 to $18.  Holler at me if you want one.  We also have new
license plates and stickers for your rides.  
       PLEASE remember to turn your water off when you leave. We have had several folks
forget and we have had to make repairs.  Also if you have a toilet running constantly please
repair it.  

Hope to see ya soon,

Lloyd and Chris Tubbs

Stay informed on our facebook page.


Do not overfill your trash bags & tie trash bags securely.

Only boat slip owners and guest allowed on the boat docks.

All children under 13 must wear life vests when on boat docks, gas dock or
marina store.

Children must be accompanied by an adult in the play yard and the Rec Room.  

No fishing from gas dock or marina store.

Turn off your water when you leave.

If you wish to wash your home please do it thru the week.

Do not wash boats or vehicles in the park.

ATV’s and golf carts are for transportation only.  Not joy riding in the park.  

All vehicles must remain on main roads, not in ditches or yards.  

Quiet time is from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.

Pets must not be a nuisance or threat to our residence or other pets.

No fire rings at residence.

Annual Corps inspection is in the Spring, please have your home and lot in
good shape.

The pavilion and the Rec Room  is for all to use.  If there is a gathering please
feel more than welcome to join. Last one to leave turns the lights out.  Please
pick up after yourself.  

Any improvements made to the exterior of your home must be submitted in
writing to us for Corps approval.  

Keep your yard mowed and exterior of your lot neat and clean.  If you are
unable to do this we will be glad to do so for a fee.

Our door is always open if you need help or have questions, please don’t
hesitate to ask.